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Children's Christmas Party - The Snow Ball

In 2012 Roger Daws and a team very generously decorated the children's christmas party for Great Ormond Street Hospital and they did a fantastic job.  In 2013 Roger asked BAPIA if they would take on the job of creating the decor for the children's parties and without hesitation we said yes! There are 2 parties a day for 2 days and approximately 1500 - 2000 children and carers  attend these parties. So we have to make the decor durable and long lasting and, due to the possibility of some children having latex allergies, we are restricted to the use on non-latex balloons only.  As balloon professionals, the BAPIA delegates taking part  in this class relish this challenge and have proved every year that great decor can be created from non-latex balloons.  

The very best part of supporting this fantastic charity in this way, is the knowledge that these amazing children will enter the party and see a room filled

with magical decor that turns it into a Christmas wonderland. For information or to register for GOSH 2016 click on the following link

Great Ormond St Childrens Hospital Christmas Party Class

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