Public & Products Liability Insurance Cover

  • Public & Products Liability cover £10 million

Covers members for the following business description:
Selling, hiring, decorating, sculpting and displaying balloons and allied products and flowers including exploding balloons.  

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Chinese confetti Bursts, flutter fetti, table centrepieces with candles (with or without balloons) and Christmas trees as part of decorations (provided the trees are erected outdoors) but excluding all other special effects. Additional miscellaneous activities also covered are listed below:

  • Hiring of catering utensils including plate warmers, table cloths, chair covers and chocolate fountain machines
  • Provision of 'slight of hand' magic and juggling entertainment (excluding hazardous tricks involving powder flashes, knives and the like)
  • Hiring of sky-guy signs
  • Hair beading and Face Painting
  • Operation of unmanned concession stalls within bona fide retail centres for the purpose of selling goods listed in the above business description
  • Hire and/or supply of helium gas bottles for the purpose of inflating balloons
  • Manufacture/Retail of dress jewellery
  • Manufacture/Retail of printed ribbons
  • Fancy Dress Hire
  • Organising of themed children's parties
  • Venue decoration with fabric and starlight backdrops and supply of stationery for events
  • The supply of decorated cakes for parties and functions
  • The supply of Candy Buffets

    Conditions precedent to liability

  • It is a condition precedent to liability in respect of exploding balloons, Chinese confetti bursts, flutter fetti using a detonating device that the following procedures are adhered to:

 - Instructions for the use and safety guidelines must be verbally communicated to the responsible adult detonating the device.
 - The decoration must not be exploded adjacent to any combustible material

 - Fire extinguishers must be located within the room

  • It is a condition precedent to liability iin respect of face painting that only products that are specifically designed for the purpose be used
  • It is a condition precedent to iability in respect of Candy Buffets that proprietary brand products only will be used and that these are stored in accordance with the manufacturers instructions

Public Liability cover carries £500 excess each and every loss and/or series of losses arising out of a single event in respect of Third Party Property Damage Only.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability £10 million
Subject to a maximum of 5 employees (for numbers in excess of 5 a quotation can be provided upon request)

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