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BAPIA Code of Conduct
BAPIA and it's members are very aware of their responsibility to the environment and as such we are keen to ensure that any impact made on the environment is kept to a minimum whilst still allowing our customers to enjoy the many benefits of balloons and other party products. 

BAPIA takes its responsibilities in terms of both public safety and environmental issues seriously.  To this end we have put together a formal code of practice for members and those individuals and organisations using balloons.

This code of practice has been compiled using the experiences of the industry and the feedback of environmental groups gathered over many years.  

Balloon Releases

BAPIA does not support the releasing of balloons as it is considered a danger to the environment and it causes litter.  We have created a sign that is used by many people in the industry to show that they do not support balloon releases but will work with clients to find an alternative.  We ask our members to support this course of action to protect the environment and the balloon industry.

BAPIA members are asked to agree to the following and to advise and encourage their customers of the following:

  • Supervise children under the age of 8 years old with balloons
  • Always use a balloon pump to inflate your balloons, do not inflate balloons by mouth
  • Only sell helium filled balloons with a ribbon and weight attached
  • All helium filled balloons should be attached to a suitable weight to ensure they are not released into the environment 

  • Advise consumers to never release balloons into the atmosphere 
  • Make consumers aware that latex may cause allergies
  • When you're done - cut the end of the balloon with a pair of scissors and dispose of the spent balloon in the bin
  • All helium filled balloons in a bouquet or arrangement should be individually tied to a weight

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